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Never look lack-lustre


Always look polished with a platinum grade closet


Never look lack-lustre

Your closet-space is precious, make sure you use it wisely.  We're here to help you, whatever your wardrobe-dramas; maybe you have some dresses that always get looked over, a pair of shoes that pinch when you try them on, or maybe a clutch bag that just doesn't fit your new purse in it.  We can help find it a new home, giving you the precious space in your wardrobe back.


Number of Items:

You can submit up to 100 items under your Platinum Membership Package.

Membership Length:

180 days - this means that RETOLD will display and market your items for a period of 180 days (6 months).  We'll arrange your profits to be paid out every quarter.

Commission Taken:

On the Platinum Membership Package, RETOLD will take 30% commission on all sales.

Wardrobe Weeding (Optional Additional Extra)

Not sure which pieces to submit to us to sell on your behalf? Not to worry, our expert RETOLD team are on hand to visit your home and advise you on which pieces to submit to us based on our extensive knowledge of what will sell! A wardrobe weeding session for a Platinum Member lasting up to 1.5 hours will cost only 400AED   


Always look polished with a platinum grade closet

The RETOLD Platinum Membership is ideal for our returning sellers, ones who understand the financial, physical and psychological benefits of decluttering your wardrobe. 

  • Returning users of the RETOLD consignment service
  • A large number of items to sell
  • Combination of high-street brands and luxury designer labels to get rid of

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A note from one of our happy Platinum Members:

"I love designer shoes!  But I don't have space for all of them in my closet, so I have given some older ones to RETOLD to sell for me.  Obviously I filled up all the gaps with new shoes, so I'll definitely be submitting more."

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