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Could you live with a capsule wardrobe?

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Could you live with a capsule wardrobe?


The concept of a capsule wardrobe has been around for some time, but with the growing focus on ‘less is more’ and the minimalist lifestyle, we’ve taken a look at the pros and cons.

Could you live with a capsule wardrobe? 

How well do you know the feeling of opening your wardrobe doors, staring at the overflowing rails and sighing with frustration, despondently thinking ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’? Do you catch yourself rummaging through all the items looking for inspiration on what to wear, and never being satisfied? How often are you late because you couldn’t easily pick out an outfit to wear for the day or the evening? Well, maybe its time to try a capsule wardrobe, which is about having a carefully selected collection of items that can be mixed and matched to create a whole variety of looks and styles. Think: simplicity and efficiency, and not abundance.

Made up from versatile pieces you completely love, a capsule wardrobe makes putting together an outfit much simpler and it de-stresses the whole getting ready process, whether it’s for your work day or an evening out. It helps you find a streamlined style that always works in your favour. A capsule wardrobe can be curated from your existing favourite pieces and essentials – a white shirt, flattering jeans, staple black heels - these are all the basics. Mix in graphic t-shirts and statement red stilettos to add some pow to the power of the capsule!

RETOLD Capsule Wardrobe Graphic T-shirts

Some of the perks of living with a capsule wardrobe include a stress-free and streamlined morning routine because you know that whatever pieces you select from your wardrobe will easily compliment each other. This also saves you time (which, if you’re like us… any extra minutes in bed in the morning are very welcomed!), especially if you follow our optional extra steps at the end of this guide. These benefits alone should allow you to spend more time and energy on the parts of life that matter – enjoy a more relaxed breakfast with the kids, engage in some pre-work yoga, or reclaim some much sort after extra minutes in your busy day.


If you want to reap the benefits of living with a capsule wardrobe, here’s our guide on how to get started:

Begin by creating a look book for yourself: spend some time browsing Pinterest, pinning outfits that you like, and colour combinations that you’re drawn to. After some time you should start seeing a pattern or trend that you can base your capsule wardrobe on. (If you’re struggling, we’ve created a board with some really useful pins – check it out for some inspo:


Secondly, download our FREE checklist HERE of what key items you need to have to start your capsule wardrobe, including the tops, bottoms, dresses and shoes. We’ve identified 44-key pieces that can be mixed together to create endless looks for a huge variety of occasions. We’ve excluded accessories because this is really where you can create variety in your looks.

Click to download the full version

Next up, you’ll need to assess what pieces from the checklist you’ve already got because we’re assuming you aren’t ready to throw everything out and start again! So do a wardrobe edit - heck out our previous blog post -


If you’re missing some key essentials then make sure you stop by RETOLD, we get new stock in every single week and our team can help you find what you’re looking for. But make sure you show them your checklist before you start browsing because you don’t want to be lead astray by all the beautiful pieces we’ve got in store.

RETOLD Capsule

[Above: RETOLD stocks a huge range of key capsule wardrobe essentials]


We’d suggest trying to live with your capsule wardrobe for about 3 months, which if you start now will take you through to the glorious Dubai winter, and the festive season. Then you will have the excuse to start introducing some feature sequins and sparkles to really mix things up!


However, living with a capsule wardrobe is not all roses; some people find it very restrictive and even worry about others noticing repeat outfits. Well, if you have the right selection of pieces, you can mix your outfits up, for example, with a 15-piece capsule you can create over 100 looks! So with a 44-piece capsule, you will have hundreds of outfits to keep you looking fresh. Pieces in the wardrobe need to be versatile, flattering and in a complimenting colour palette. If a capsule wardrobe won’t suit your lifestyle, why not start by creating different capsules for different aspects of your life? I.E. School run, nights out, work wear, weekend style.

If you need some extra advice – why not get the professionals in? We love Jane from Taylor & Roberts and would highly recommend seeking her advice.



Don’t create rules you can’t stick to – if 44 isn’t enough, then pick a number that works for you.

You must LOVE your wardrobe and LOVE all the clothes inside it!

Pick pieces that work for you, your figure and your lifestyle.

Funky, statement accessories are a great way to mix it up.

Use services like RETOLD when you want to change things up, replacing key pieces, or adding in some statement.

A capsule wardrobe is your answer to “I have nothing to wear!”


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