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retell (verb)

past tense: RETOLD; past participle: RETOLD

"tell (a story) again or differently"

Beautiful clothes are made to be worn, to tell their story through being worn and being seen. At RETOLD we don’t let beautiful clothes be locked away in the dark at the back of your wardrobe, we want to shine the light on them and let them retell their story.

At RETOLD we help give clothes a second chance at happiness!

RETOLD's original story was titled 'My Ex Wardrobe'; and it all started once upon a time...

Like with all good stories, My Ex Wardrobe started with 3 sisters, called Bekky, Sian and Teagan; who were bought up in Dubai. One day, middle sister Sian, realised she was a shopaholic, and needed to do something with the piles and piles of unworn clothes cluttering up her wardrobe. So the three of them held a garden party and invited loads of their lovely friends to come and swap and sell their own unworn clothes. This party was such a success that the sisters wanted to spread the word far across the land, helping to give lots of other clothes... a second chance at happiness!

And thus the business was born. For the first few years the My Ex Wardrobe team hosted regular pop-up-shop parties at many bars and restaurants around Dubai, where money-saavy women came to shop pre-loved fashion from their favourite high-street brands and even designer and luxury labels.

This all changed one day in the Himalayan mountainside, when Sian met Adam.

RETOLD is a small team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, we hope you have time to come and meet everyone in person at our shop but in the meantime here's where you can put a name to a face!

Aside from our full time team, there are many people and other agencies who have been instrumental in our success.


Sian Rowlands

CEO & Chief Storyteller

As a reformed shopaholic and a long-term Dubai resident, Sian launched RETOLD (previously My Ex Wardrobe) having discovered a huge gap in the market. Sian's past life as a restaurant designer had her finding creative solutions to a range of problems.  An adventure seeker at heart, Sian left her career in order to deliver the RETOLD business to the world. 

Loves: Roller coasters, reading and rare fillet steaks
Hates: Spiders, alarm clocks and plastic straws

Jelena Dancetovic

Retail & Events Manager

An avid second-hand-shopper most of her life, Jelena discovered RETOLD in it's early years (as My Ex Wardrobe).  Drawing from her back ground in both retail and hospitality, Jelena combines her love for vintage and preloved with her zest and tenacity for sales, marketing and events.

Jelena is RETOLD's in-house vintage guru

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