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Halloween 2020 - the scariest of them all!

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Halloween – meant to be the scariest day of the year… well I think we can all agree that 2020 has been off-the-chart scary in it’s own right. So what do you have in mind for Halloween 2020?

For us, if we’re going to celebrate Halloween, we will always make sure that we make it low-impact. Halloween has now turned into one of the most wasteful days / weeks in our modern calendar, with consumers going overboard with throw-away plastic decorations, individual plastic wrapped sweets handed out to trick-or-treaters, and silly (but not always scary) mass-produced costumes that are most often discarded after the one wear.

However, not here at RETOLD! We love a little bit of fancy dress, and we love-love-LOVE to DIY-it, so with the help of The Gaggler stylist, Lucy Wildman, we picked out some silly (and scary) thrifted costume ideas, that can not only be used for Halloween, but can easily be adapted into your wardrobe for every day wear too!

First up: Queen of the Velour Tracksuit – Paris Hilton

We’re not sure about you, but the 90’s were a scary time, trend-wise. And the candy-coloured velour tracksuits were right up, and no one wore them better (or more often) than socialite Paris Hilton.


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Here’s the RETOLD version:

RETOLD Paris Hilton 

We’ve teamed our purple matching Juicy Couture tracksuit with a pop of candy-pink in the shape of the Christian Dior peep toe stilettos and Burberry handbag


Because we’re a fashion brand, we MUST consider Anna Wintour as a muse for any dress-up occasion. Whilst she has styled thousands of stunning looks over the years of her reigning supreme, we have taken inspiration in the form of her love for tweed jackets and oversized sunnies.


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We’ve donned this fabulously chic yellow tweed blazer over a slimline off-white knit dress and Ralph Lauren black and white court shoes. And it wouldn’t be an Anna Wintour look without an oversized pair of sunglasses; this Bulgari pair work with almost every outfit!

RETOLD Anna Wintour 

Not a real-life person, but after browsing the RETOLD rails, our Gaggler Stylist Lucy spotted a fabulous blazer and we couldn’t resist finding a character to style around. After finding the blue skirt – it all became clear for us, and all we’re missing is the wig. Looking back, it’s clear this movie was full of fantastic outfits.

Julia Roberts Pretty Woman    

Which hair style would you wear though?

RETOLD Pretty Woman

Looking for something a little more current? What about pop-star Billie Eilish? With lots of crazy out-there looks to pick from, the bolder the better is the way to go.


Embed from Getty Images


Here’s the RETOLD pick – crazy print hoodie, layered over a hooded dress with panels in the skirt. Over seriously oversized Balenciaga chunky trainers, sequin gloves and some bold sunnies.

RETOLD Billie Eilish

And the scariest, no the GREATEST of them all – our take on 2020 Halloween… Donald Trump.

Here’s the inspiration we drew from:


Embed from Getty Images


And we easily pulled together this look; a navy suit (like when does he wear anything else), the more ill-fitting the better, plain white button down shirt, and obnoxious baseball cap – HYPE. We also pinned this cute USA flag metal broach for effect.

RETOLD Donald Trump

Let’s make Halloween great again and bring back scary costumes!







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