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Why buy pre-loved

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Why Buy Pre-Loved

Hi, I’m Sian - the Chief Storyteller at RETOLD, Dubai’s go-to boutique for pre-owned fashion – our 3,000sqft treasure trove filled with wallet-friendly gems from Zara to Prada. We stock a whole range of fashion, from your favourite high-street names to the most lust-worthy luxury and designer labels.

I created RETOLD to build a community; a place for ladies to share their love of fashion, with the added benefit of not breaking the bank.  The pre-owned fashion market is no longer just for your gran rummaging through musty charity shops, there’s currently a transition happening in the fashion industry from retail to resale.

So here’s just SOME of the reasons why we should all be buying second hand clothes:

  1. Save Money – shopping in second hand clothes shops you’ll find amazing bargains, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  If it’s brand names you are after then this is a great way to access them at a fraction of their shop cost. Alternatively, if you’re a high-street honey, then you can fill your bags to the brim for much MUCH less than you would drop during a mall trawl.
  2. Save Time – there are so many options available to us these days, too many choices to pour over.  Do you ever find yourself in the mall having to go into 15 different shops.
  3. Save the planet – Fast fashion is the second biggest polluter next to big oil and gas. A study done in the US showed that by extending the lifespan of a garment by only a couple of months (either yourself or through a second owner) could lead to a 5-10% reduction in each of the carbon, water and waste footprints
  4. Look different from the pack - don’t get stuck accidentally and unwillingly ‘twinning’ a random passerby because you’ve both just been shopping from the same range in the same shops.  Retold gets new stock in every single week so each time you visit you’ll find new gems to choose from.
  5. Variety is the spice of life - do you gravitate towards two or three key stores?  Perhaps you are missing out on some awesome, perfect-for-you finds and styles from brands that you may not normally consider, or perhaps not even know about.  learn to pair Zara with Prada, mix vintage with couture, and find long lost loves.
  6. Key pieces will already be broken in.  Whilst its lovely to enjoy the ‘newness’ of a new pair of shoes, do you really want to suffer through breaking them in?  That gorgeous leather handbag that is too stiff to be comfortable, will have the softness of time. The staple denim jacket or perfect pair of jeans, will be show the love of genuine age.
  7. And when you shop at RETOLD, you’ll be treated to ‘new’ stock on each visit.  We get deliveries of gorgeous new pieces almost daily, so you’re guaranteed to find new pieces each and every single time you visit.

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