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Want To Sell?

Giving clothes a
second chance of happiness!

RETOLD is a consignment service - we take the hassle out of
re-selling your preloved clothes, shoes and fashion accessories!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Clear out your 
wardrobe - we accept
high street AND designer
brands; clothes, shoes 
and accessories

Read the info sections
and the T&Cs carefully

Select the Membership
Package that best 
suits your selling needs,
then simply submit
your items to us!

choose your membership

Simply choose the right membership package for you.


290.00 AED

Number of items: up to 30

Membership Duration: 60 days

Commission Taken: 40%

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550.00 AED

Number of items: up to 50

Membership Duration: 90 days

Commission Taken: 35%

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1,300.00 AED

Number of items: up to 100

Membership Duration: 180 days

Commission Taken: 30%

*As a Platinum Member, you will be given your profits every 90 days.

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2,600.00 AED

Number of items: up to 200

Membership Duration: 365 days

Commission Taken: 25%

*As an Annual Member, you will be given your profits every 90 days.

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Here's a Few Things to Consider...

What to Submit to Us

  • High street brands, boutique fashion labels, and authentic luxury & designer brand
  • All items to be new or nearly-new condition
  • No fakes! It’s illegal to sell fake goods - we require proof of purchase where requested!
  •  All items to be clean, unstained and undamaged
  • Items folded into bags - no hangers please
  • Your ‘Inventory List’ emailed in original Excel format - no handwritten forms
  • Your complete Membership fees payment

Advice on Pricing your Items

  • Over our years of re-selling, we’ve found the below is the best re-sale pricing strategy. It gets you the biggest return for your money! (if priced too high your pieces may not sell)
  • Designer & Luxury labels, brand new with authentication and original packaging
    = approximately 35% - 40% of the original price.
  • Brand new with the original tags attached 
    = approximately 30% - 35% of the original price.
  • Gently worn and in good condition 
    = approximately 20% - 25% of the original price.

What RETOLD Can't Accept

  • No fakes! It’s illegal to sell fake goods -
    we require proof of purchase where requested!
  • No under garments or promotional items
  • Wire or plastic hangers


Occasion dresses, statement
tops, immaculate shoes and
handbags are most popular.

Sentimentality doesn’t sell.
A piece is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Keep it seasonal and keep it
on-trend or classic style; i.e.
winter jackets and heavy knits
aren’t very popular in
the summer months.

Use our HASHTAGS to help
spread the word, the more people
that know about us, the more
money you make!

If the RETOLD team are completing your ‘Inventory List’ and pricing for you, we’ll suggest a price that we feel gets YOU the best return.
We’ll take into account the condition of the item, style of the item, and use our expertise of the resale market.

We reserve the right to price each item independently, without approval from you.
Where possible, we’ll share the prices with you prior to any sale.

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